High-Lights of Our Activities

  • COVID19-FOOD FOR THE NEEDY: This lock down due the pandemic has brought about unimaginable hardships to the weaker section of the society as almost all the daily wage earners have lost their jobs!Movements are restricted and there is no scope to do anything!The poorest of the poor, in urban as well as rural areas,are unable to feed their families!Like many other socially aware organisations and citizens,SNM too decided to do its bit!With the help from like minded organisation "NITA"(Nasik Information Technology Association),SNM decided to provide cooked food to the needy.The Robin Hood Army (another NGO) came forward to distribute the meals on a daily basis with due diligence to ensure it reaches the hungry!With generous donations in cash and kind from our supporters and public at large,we engaged two reliable restaurants to cook the food daily .Starting with 300 meals per day,we are now serving 800 meals per day!With the consistent support we have been getting,we have committed to the administration to continue the meals distribution till the lock-down lasts!
  • कोविद-19 मधे गरजूंना अन्नपुरवठा: सध्याच्या या लाॅक डाऊन च्या परिस्थितीत समजातील कमजोर थराचे व रोजंदारीवर काम करणार्यांचे फारच हाल होत आहेत!त्यांचे काम सुटले आहे व बाहेर पण जाता येत नाही!शहरात काय किंवा गावात काय,त्यांची मुले—बाळे व कुटूंब उपाशी रहात आहे!समाजातल्या परोपकारी व्यक्ती तसेच संस्थाप्रमाणे सुजाण नागरिक मंच (सुनाम)ने पण ह्या गरजूंना मदत करण्याचे ठरवले!अशाच विचारांच्या "निता"(नाशिक इन्फोटेक असोसियेशन) ह्यांच्या सहयोगाने गरिबांना जेवण देण्याचे ठरवले!राॅबिनहूड आर्मी नावाच्या संस्थेने हे जेवण रोजच्या रोज थेट गरजूंनाच देण्याची जिम्मेदारी घेतली! आम्हाला सहयोग करणारे देणगीदार तसेच सर्वसाधारण जनता ह्यांनी आम्हाला पैसे तसेच अन्न—धान्याच्या स्वरूपात सढळ हाताने मदत केली!आम्ही मग दोन विश्वासू भोजनालयांना हे जेवण तयार करण्या करता नेमले.300जेवणांपासून सुरवात करून आत्ता आम्ही रोज 800 व्यक्तिंना भोजन पुरवत आंहोत!हे काम आम्ही लाॅक—डाऊन संपे पर्यंत चालू ठेऊ असे वचन प्रशासनाला आम्ही दिले आहे!

    ॐ सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामयाः । सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चिद्दुःखभाग्भवेत् । ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

  • The Sujan Nagarik Manch, Nashik, kicked off its Activities through a well attended area cleanliness campaign (Swachhata Abhiyan) on the 9th Aug 2015 in the Mahatma Nagar Ganesh Mandir area. Citizens from all age groups and classes participated voluntarily in this as well as the subsequent such cleanliness campaigns which have been persistently carried out every week end in different area of the ward.
  • The Local Corporators Shri Shivajirao Gangurde & Shrimati Chhayatai Thakare gave their active support to this as well as other such initiatives. The SNM has taken up a beautification project at the Mahatmanagar Bus Stop where we have constructed flower beds & composting Bins. The NMC staff is filling up these with leaves etc. SNM Volunteers are segregating the plastic and watering the waste so as to compost in next few months. The compost will be used for plantation of decorative plants just before Monsoon. Similar projects on the smaller scale have been taken up at the Ganesh Mandir as well as Vaishampayan School. SNM wishes to propagate this concept of “BEAUTIFICATION THROUGH COMPOSTING AT SOURCE” to other areas too.
  • Inspired by the activities at Mahatmanagar,Citizens of the Ambikanagar/Lakshminagar/Nikhil park and other nearby societies in Kamatwade were inspired to take up similar initiative. With the help of Local Corporators Shriumati Kanchantai Patil & Shri Anil Matale. They have together not only cleaned up the area but are planning to develop a children’s park incorporating jogging track with the funds being allocated by the local MLA Shrimati Seematai Hire. SNM efforts at both these places have been very much appreciated by NMC Commissioner Dr. Praveen Gedam .He also strongly wants us to spread these efforts to other wards.
  • SNM has also taken up other initiatives like distributing School-bags to 450 needy school children and finding sponsors for promising Sportspersons lacking the means to pursue the career of their passion!
  • "Cleanliness" campaigns consistently on every week end, since inception on 9th Aug 2015, in different areas of Mahatmanagar.
  • Citizens of all age groups have been giving spontaneous response to the area cleanliness campaigns.
  • It was decided to create a "What’s App" group of participants who joined those campaigns and worked with their own hands. To-date the group has reached its full capacity of 100. This does not include the citizens from areas other than Mahatmanagar, which are in a separate group.
  • We distributed about 450 school bags to needy children in the Vilholi ZP School.
  • A donor was located for a PC needed by school in Meherawani.
  • Sponsors have been arranged to support two talented girls from the Excel Shooters Club. Both have won medals in recently held National & State level shooting sports competitions.
  • Vermi-Composting of used flowers etc. ("Nirmalya") has been organized in Temple complex.
  • Vermi-Composting of the foliage has been organized in the Vaishampayan School. This will be a precursor to more such projects in schools and gardens so as to impress upon its importance on the young minds.
  • A “Wednesday Market” has been started in the bungalow of Shri. Agashe at Mahatmanagar ‘A’ road for “Organic fruits & Vegetables”, where farmers directly sale their organic produce to consumers. This greatly benefits both. Thanks to Shri. Moronkar for inspiring & working with the farmers for over a decade for this activity. The produce is certified by “ECO Cert”
  • PTC was burning all their waste which caused a lot of hard-ships to the ‘A’ road residents. Local Corporators with Shri Bam Sir met the PTC Director and explained the need for composting at source. He agreed readily & it has been implemented. No more smoke problem as confirmed by residents.
  • A Shredder machine has been purchased with a major contribution from Shri. Adwait Agashe. This will facilitate shredding of tree branches & leaves so that composting can be done in a faster and better manner.
  • With the active participation of our local corporators Smt. Chhayatai Thakare & Shri. Shivajirao Gangurde, we have created flower beds & composting bins at the Mahatmanagar Bus Stop. The NMC staff here is filling these with leaves. We are segregating plastic, if any, and watering it so as to compost the same in next few months. Once the flower beds are ready with the compost, the same will be used for plantation of flowering plants. View of the place will be beautified. We propose to do this plantation just before the monsoon in view of the current acute water shortage situation. We wish to propagate this concept of beautification through composting at source to other public places also.
  • The activity in Mahatmanagar has inspired our fellow citizens in Ambika Nagar in Kamatwada. They have also been cleaning up their area every week. With the help of Mrs.Kanchan Patil, the local corporator & area standing committee chief, they have now taken up a beautification project which will create facilities like play ground, Jogging track etc. along with a relaxing area for seniors.
  • A Website was launched for Sujan Nagarik Manch, Nashik by Dr. Gedam NMC Commisioner.
  • Sujan Nagarik Manch takes this opportunity to thank all its donors, supporters & participants who have been appreciating the idea of working together. It is this idea of citizens, their elected representatives and NMC working together which can take us forward to our cherished dream of clean & beautiful Nashik. We do hope our efforts inspire citizens from other areas also to take up similar initiatives, so that the city can literally breathe a sigh of relief. We can then really be worthy of calling our selves “smart”! Thanks once again.
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